How have the past 6 months been for you?

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Yesterday marked 6 months here for me here at Eurobase People and I think it's safe to say those 6 months were not what I expected when I walked into the office on February 17th!

4 weeks of normality, followed by a long period of lockdown before returning to the office 7 weeks ago. The plan as it was on day 1 remains the same, and like all businesses, we have had to adapt and make decisions that we could not have foreseen having to deal with. Time and the beauty of hindsight will show us whether we were right, but for now, I am confident that the team is set up correctly for us to capitalise on the opportunities that are out there as economies begin to "ramp up". We have definitely seen things improve over the last month or so, and with schools finally returning in September, it does seem that a lot of clients are now ready to restart projects that have been on hold over the summer. We certainly have our fingers and toes crossed that this is the case!

It's also been great to have the full support of the wider group, both in terms of backing, but also in dealing with the events of the last 6 months. From facilitating home working well in advance of this being imposed by Boris, through to supporting our Wellness Wednesday initiative, it's clear that the health and wellbeing of each individual is as valued as it should be, and this is very much appreciated.

The next few months are now all about putting our heads above the parapet, and backing ourselves to add value to both our clients and candidates – with the team now fully focused on their respective niche areas, I am confident that they will become the “go to” for many exciting projects that will be needed to restarted having been mothballed in during lockdown.

I’m also excited to be expanding our training, with dates booked in throughout September, and we’ve even managed to have a “mini” office revamp, which will be completed later this month (I’m sure I’ll be sharing some pictures on LinkedIn when it’s finished!).

Lastly, I am afraid you may all be seeing more of myself and the team on video, having launched our new platform earlier this month. Not only does this enable us to add value to the recruitment process using video interview, enhanced candidate attraction and “live room” meetings, it also allows us to begin to produce more promotional content, so keep an eye out for some of those over the coming weeks and months – all feedback appreciated but please be kind!

So without doubt the most unique 6 months of my 20 years in recruitment (yes I am that old!), but I feel we are in a strong position to see our recent momentum build further and have a successful 2nd half of the year – for all of us, I sincerely hope that it’s a less eventful period and we see an upturn both personally and professionally across the board.

Please feel free to reach out should you wish to discuss the above or feel we could assist you with your recruitment needs, otherwise thank you for reading and stay safe.


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