Top 5 tips for candidates and employers in the New Year

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           Top 5 tips for candidates and employers in the New Year



Top tips for Candidates in 2019

As we wave goodbye to 2018, New year has to be the busiest time in the recruitment world. As candidates start to think about new opportunities and hiring managers looking to grow their teams, I think it is a great time to discuss some simple but crucial advice for candidates but also for hiring managers, when looking for a hassle free process in the New Year.

New Year New CV!
If you have some New years resolutions you are going to put into practice, why not add in a new CV? Your CV is the first document any recruiter views and in order to bag the interview, your CV needs to stand out from the rest. If it reaches the approval of recruiters, you know you have succeeded in your revamp. Don't overlook a key factor of your job search and get improving!

Proactive is Key
If you think you can sit back, relax and wait for the jobs to roll in unfortunately it is not the case. Being proactive as part of your job search is crucial to succeeding in your search. Don't be afraid to get yourself out there and stand out from others. Success is when hard work is put in and you can never do too much.

Don't wait for one position
Apply for all the jobs out there which are suitable and of interest to you but don't specifically focus in on one role. Put yourself out there and look to attend a few interviews to get a feel for a range of companies and what might be most suitable for you.  This way, you have explored all of the options and not put all of your eggs in one basket. Its good to be selective but always widen your options and make sure you are covering yourself.

Stay ahead of your competition
Never underestimate the preparation that you can do for an interview. You want to make sure that you are noticed among other candidates and this can only be done by researching and understanding the company as much as you can. With the understanding and knowledge behind you, you will be set to take on anything the interview might entail and know you have covered all bases for any questions. Finding out the companies mission statement and values among other information will make you stand out.

Avoid delays when offered a new role
A lot of candidates look to hold out a offer they receive, in case they receive another offer that might interest them more.  The problem with this is hiring managers lose the confidence they had to start with and sometimes this can even cause the manager to withdraw the offer completely because of this. Make sure you are efficient with your response and don't leave any employer hanging for an answer or response.

Top tips for Employers in 2019

Use a specialist agency for your search
Whatever sector you are looking to recruit for, always make sure that you are using a specialist in that sector to ultimately save you the time you need for other tasks.  Don't delay the search you want to start and find out the best company for your sector and give them a call. The biggest pro to this is that they already have a database of suitable candidates with specific skills and attributes. This saves you wasting time searching or receiving CV's for candidates who don't meet the needs of your new position.

Start the recruitment process early
If you start the recruitment process early, it will help find the strongest interest.  Whether this be a call to a recruitment agency or putting the job advert out there yourself, the earlier you do this means the earlier you will find someone for the role.

Shortlist and interview sooner rather than later
This way you will avoid missing out on the best candidates for the position. As much as hiring managers don't want to admit it, there is currently a very candidate led market.  The best advice to be given is that if you like a candidate, don't hang around and arrange an interview as soon as possible, before someone else beats you to the post.

Be flexible when arranging interviews
If you can avoid set dates, that would be a good idea. There is often alot of businesses missing out on key candidates because of this and the lack of flexibility. A lot of strong candidates are in demand and will have a busy work schedule, so it would be best if you could offer a range of dates and times including evening.

Make appropriate and competitive offers
When candidates are on the search for a new job, the likelihood of this being due to an advancement in their career is a reason for this. When offering a offer to a candidate, consider this as 42% of people change jobs to progress in their career and aren't going to move when there is no increase.

Taking note of these simple factors will help to kick start your life and make 2019 the year for your career. Always remember that being over prepared is always going to aid your success and make you the top candidate.

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