Are you considering relocating for a new job - how about Munich?

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Deciding to relocate for a job opportunity is a massive decision and not one to be taken without doing some research.

Munich is fast becoming an up and coming hub for roles requiring Digital and Data experts and is a popular destination for job relocation. There are a number of companies within the city who are currently recruiting. They range from start-ups to ecommerce giants, all looking for innovative technology specialists. Munich has a lot to offer and is well known for is annual Oktoberfest, making it an ideal city to consider when relocating. But what do we really know about the city?

Here are some reasons why Munich is a great option for job relocation...

1. Quality of Life

Munich has the highest quality of life of all major cities in Germany. With lots of green spaces and parks and with a rural character throughout, its close proximity to the Alps make Munich a unique city to live in. Munich has a vibrant and multicultural offering and there is always something to do. Whether it is visiting one of the many museums or taking part in a range of social and inviting activities, you will not struggle to create a healthy work/life balance.

2. Work

A number of major German companies have their headquarters in Munich, including Siemens and BMW. There are many well paid job opportunities for you to advance your career in various industries which is why it is a city that has become popular for people to relocate to. Our focus is within the IT industry in particular Digital and Data opportunities with roles such as Data Engineers, Data Architects and Data Science Lead positions as examples.

3. Accommodation

Munich has a higher cost of living compared to other German cities such as Berlin. The biggest obstacle if you are thinking about relocating to Munich is finding a place to live, as demand outstrips supply. The majority of places in the actual city centre are apartment buildings. Online property sites are a great source of information and way to find a place to live. Alternatively if you know people already in Munich you could ask them to let you know of any accommodation opportunities that they hear of, as this could give you a head start on a property before it hits the market. Some areas to consider are: Neuhausen which is a chic residential area located close to the city centre or Haidhaussen a trendy area that's popular with the younger crowd.

4. Healthcare

Germany has an excellent standard of healthcare with over 2,000 public and private hospitals available across the country. If you need a pharmacy these are known as Apotheken and you will be able to identify them by a large red 'A' on their signs. If you do move to Munich, you will need to get health insurance as its compulsory for residents in Germany to have in place. You can either get 'Private' insurance through a company or get the 'Statutory' option provided by the state.

5. Finances

You will find the setting up of a bank account in Germany a relatively easy process and quite beneficial too. Although a number of debit and credit cards are accepted, if you carry on using your international cards you will incur transaction charges. Expats need to provide their residence card, proof of address and a passport. Any income that is earned while in Germany you will have to pay tax on and you will be supplied with a tax card when you start working.

6. Transport

There is a good public transport service in Munich. It consists of buses and trains as well as a network of roads to make driving easier. If you are going to be using the public transport a monthly pass costs approx. €65. You can drive for a period of 6 months on any foreign driver's license before you're required to get a German license.

7. Family

If you are relocating with your family and your children are of school age, there are a range of schools available. Schools are either Bilingual or International. The first are effectively public schools with no fees and are very popular, where as with the International option there are fees involved but these schools usually carry on curriculum's from home countries.

As you can see, Munich has a lot to offer as a city. With fantastic job prospects, culture and infrastructure in place there is the opportunity to have a great quality of life for both you and your family, if you move together. 

If you are interested in finding a new Digital or Data role in Munich, speak to our dedicated team today to find out more about our current opportunities.

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