Our top 5 tips on how to approach your job search!

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Looking for a new job can be a time consuming and daunting process – where do you start and what is the best way to find your dream role…?

It is important from the start of the search to know what you are looking for. By answering; Why are you looking for a new job? and What new role or challenge are you looking for? – means you can filter your search and only apply for roles that meet your requirements.

Once you have identified these two things, here are our 5 top tips on how to approach your job search:

  1. Routine
    In order to get the best from your search and secure a new role quickly, it is important to keep up momentum and get into a daily search routine. Set aside time to set up job alerts and identify new vacancies relevant to you.  This will enable you to apply for any roles that stand out as soon as possible. There are going to be a lot of candidates applying for each role, so you want to be in the mix from the start. By doing this every day, at a certain time it will become a routine for you.
  2.  Set Daily Goals
    It can be daunting to start looking for a new job. To prevent it becoming overwhelming a great idea is to break it down into daily tasks that can be achieved easily to ensure that you are continually making progress. There are a number of small tasks that can be done to help in your search, these include: registering with a recruitment agency, applying for a certain number of jobs a day, updating your CV based on different roles and writing a few template cover letters based on roles so they are ready to go. Ticking one or two things off daily will make you feel successful!

  3.  Learn new Skills
    If you have free time why not use this to learn a new skill which would help secure your next role? During your search or at your current role you may have identified a skill or subject area that would strengthen your CV and help you stand out to potential employers. Taking the time to learn will help you in the future and could be a talking point at your future interviews, showing companies that you are keen to develop yourself.

  4.  Networking
    Securing your new job or dream role can sometimes come down to who you know. Therefore it is important to connect and link with as many people as possible so that your profile is available and being talked about. A simple mention from someone you know about a new role could be the lead that you need and if they can endorse this, even better – as companies do like recommendations.

  5.  Learn from Rejections
    If your first interview is a complete success and you land your dream role straight away then fantastic! But realistically, in most job searches you will attend a few interviews in the hunt to find the right role and you will face rejections. It can be difficult to take but it is important to get as much feedback from these interviews as possible. Understanding the reasons means you can learn from them and adapt for future interviews so your next one is a success!

By incorporating some or all of these tips into your job search it will help to make it as stress free as possible and get you on your way to finding that dream role. Remember our dedicated recruitment consultants are here to help with your search and we post new job vacancies regularly – so take a look at our current vacancies or talk to us today!

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