8 Areas to consider when finding the right candidate for the job

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Throughout the hiring process there are a number of factors that can determine the profile of your ‘Perfect Candidate’. It is essential from the outset that your specific requirements are understood by the person doing the recruiting, either internally or your agency. Every company and role is different, therefore it is important to be clear in order that time is not lost on candidates that do not fit with your expectations.

Some key areas to consider:

1. Experience of Candidate

Some jobs require a certain level of experience to ensure that the role can be carried out successfully, with the ability to transfer existing skills and knowledge. Experience can be both time within a similar role, sector or company type. It is therefore essential to have an understanding of these requirements so that these specific needs are flagged as you search for talent.

2. Skill Set needed

It is important to understand the ‘Required Skills’ and ‘Desirable Skills’ needed to carry out the role you are advertising. The ‘Perfect Candidate’ would ideally tick all the boxes, but do they really exist and how long are you prepared to wait to find them? However, there are skills and qualifications that are mandatory in order to be able to carry out the role and these are where the main focus needs to lie. If candidates have additional skills that can bring acumen to the role, then this would be a bonus for your company.

3. Company Culture

Every company is different in how it is run, from the management structure to the day-to-day atmosphere and the working environment. It is essential to find a candidate that is going to fit within your culture and someone who can grow within it. The investment must benefit your company and the candidate in the long term.

4. Softer Skills

Each candidate is unique and therefore will have various characteristics, skills and ways of communicating. It is important that the successful candidate has the personal traits you require to fulfil the role – for example if your role requires frequent communication with your customers on the phone you need someone who is friendly, understanding and who will represent your company in a professional manner.

5. Salary / Benefits Offered

There needs to be a clear salary offering in place which is in line with your company’s current employees and market benchmarking. This is commonly a salary bracket, so depending on the candidates experience and skills this can be varied, but everyone knows there is a minimum and maximum on offer which meets expectations. Issues can occur if the salary on offer is not competitive in the market place for that role, as it will then make it difficult or potentially impossible to find candidates that would accept the job. The additional benefits that make up the package on offer can also stand out and prove essential for certain candidates in their decision making process.

6. Growth Opportunities / Progression

Is your company in a growth period? Do you promote from within? Being able to answer these will be something that can be added to the job advert and will appeal to candidates. Candidates will often be interested in getting an understanding of what their future could hold and how their career can develop over time with you if they were successful in acquiring the role.

7. Timescales

When do you need the new employee to start? This is very important. Candidates can be ruled in or out of your selection process based on their availability. This may be due to the candidate’s willingness to move from or to a contract position or simply their current notice period. If an ideal candidate stands out but there is a question over the time scales this can then be considered for a decision.

8. Process

What is your process for interviewing candidates? Will they be required for a second or third interview, do they need to do a presentation or take an aptitude test? This needs to be made clear from the start to help candidates and set expectations on what the next steps are. It is worth noting that an extended interview process could actually result in you losing good candidates, as there is the chance that the applicant receives and accepts a job offer from another company while your process is ongoing.

The above is not definitive but by having a clear specification in place it will make finding your ‘Perfect Candidate’ a lot easier. A clear specification can help you or a recruiter reduce the time to recruit as they will only send you candidates that meet your exact requirements. We are here to work with you, understand your requirements and help take the stress out of your recruitment needs.

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