Businesses are forgetting why they are investing in CRM

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Very few companies would not include ‘great customer service’ on their list of key ingredients that are essential for success. Great customer service builds strong and lasting relationships, demonstrates a greater understanding of modern customer needs, adds a personal human touch and infuses positivity within the business and its customers. It’s critical for attracting repeat customers and building positive word of mouth and a respected brand.

Everyone wants to be proud of where they work and people are more engaged and productive if they work for a company that is committed to doing whatever it takes to consistently deliver the best possible experience for customers.

However, in recent years, the quest to invest in the perfect Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution has often meant that businesses have forgotten why they are actually investing at all – that is, to look after their customers and give them what they want (or need)!

One of Gartner’s predictions for 2016 is that CRM will “go back to the future” by evolving to focus on the customer.  Gartner summarises that “the original concept of customer relationship management in 1982 was as a customer-centric business strategy. Since the late 1990s, CRM has meant a technology project with ironically little benefit to the customer; but that has begun to change.”

And not before time!  At Eurobase, we are continually looking to identify new ways to engage our client community, with our customers always being at the heart of our initiatives and investments.  That’s why when we decided to invest in a new technology early last year, we made sure that we appreciated the needs of our customers and their uniqueness of their business as part of the in-depth selection and review process of this technology.

The introduction of the Eurobase Support Portal (powered by Freshdesk) means we have been able to engage in new and exciting ways to share information more readily, providing customers with a personal service, unique to them, increased visibility, control and awareness of their engagements with us. We hope our clients are beginning to see the enhancements we have been able to make to our services in a number of key areas including:

  • Ease of use - An easy to use online customer portal has been specifically designed to register and track the progress of issues and requests;
  • Integrated service levels – Tracking and being accountable for delivery targets demonstrates our recognition of customers’ priorities and needs;
  • Live chat – The Live Chat functionality enables customers to speak to a Eurobase expert instantly and ensures an immediate response to queries;
  • Advanced reporting – Provides customers with greater transparency and control. Customers can now track their own journey and identify trends. Flexible reporting gives the key information needed to identify improvements in performance and customer service;
  • 24/7 Support – Anytime anywhere, customers can now log on to view their own history of issues and requests as well as access key documents and frequently asked questions.

To hear more about the support portal, our focus on customer service and why we’ve selected Freshdesk please click here.

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