Contract Processes

Pre-screening Process

Before a CV is submitted to the client, one of our consultants will have pre-screened and pre-qualified the candidate. This allows us to fully understand an individual’s motivations and expectations. The areas covered are:

  • Current and expected salary;
  • Motivations for wanting to join a new business;
  • Reasons for wanting leave their current business;
  • CV analysis and technical qualification;
  • Presentation of the client business and position on offer;
  • Status of other applications;
  • Investigation of periods of non-employment, short service, etc.

Once the detailed pre-screening process is complete, the CV is ready for submission to the client. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and only send the most qualified candidates for a role.

CV Application

Candidates are presented to clients via email, providing a brief overview of experience, technical skills, education, personal information, location, nationality, expected salary and notice period.

Feedback & Interview Management

We appreciate feedback from both clients and candidates. If the feedback is negative, we want to learn from this and understand how we can improve our search. If the feedback is positive then we will manage the complete interview process, which involves the following:

  • Scheduling Once availability is confirmed, we will confirm the interview and provide clients with the candidate's contact details;
  • Preparation In order to help prepare the candidate effectively, we will discuss the interview process thoroughly with the client first and pass on any details concerning structure and question type, as well as the time and location of the interview. This will ensure both candidate and client make best use of the time allocated for the interview.
  • De-brief We always aim to de-brief the candidate straight after the meeting to gain a thorough understanding of how the interview went. Following this, we will relay the feedback to clients immediately to help both parties understand what parts of the meeting were positive and which parts were negative.

Clients receive the following support for every interview that occurs:   

Offer Management
In most cases, the client provides us with the details of any offer made, which we then relay to the candidate. In some instances, a client may wish to deliver the offer directly although this is not recommended.

Reference Checking
The responsibility of obtaining references is shared between Eurobase and the client. We aim to do this as quickly as possible, providing a reference from the client's current and past employer.

Post Placement
The time between an offer being accepted and the start date of a new candidate can affect their decision to join a company. We will continue to stay in touch with the candidate ensuring they are happy with the process and that everything is running smoothly before commencing employment with the client.

Once the candidate has started, the first few months of employment are equally as important as the interview process. During this time, a new employee may find it hard to speak to their new manager. Therefore we continue to remain in contact, ensuring there are no unresolved issues, however trivial.

If the candidate is relocating for a new position, we are able to provide relocation information and will assist the candidate in every possible area to ensure the move is easy and efficient.

Our processes are always open to negotiation. We appreciate that all companies and roles differ in their requirements so if you would like us to tailor our services to your needs, we are very willing to listen. At Eurobase, we are always open to suggestions about how we can improve to make your experience working with us more efficient.